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Parent Driven Schools

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This book is now more relevant than ever.  Gaschler, founder of one of the first charter schools in America, writes with great candor and passion about his fight to revolutionize our failing education system.  He provides a powerful blueprint for a new system geared toward achieving one critical goal -- helping children, in the way they each learn best – become lifelong learners.

Inside this critically important book, readers will find why he believes that school choice is crucial to our democracy, and why we should end the bureaucracy’s damaging addiction to standardized testing.  He turns up the heat by making a strong argument that teachers and administrators should once more become accountable to parents of students – and not to state bureaucracies.

He argues that with the COVID crisis leading to an incredible change in how our education systems work, there has never been a better time to make changes in our broken system.  One such change, he writes, should revolve around schools being re-constructed so each serves children in the way they learn best – whether it is through hearing, seeing, doing, reading or by asking questions.  In an effort that could help make those changes, Gaschler is part of a ground-breaking new procedure that allows parents to quickly determine how their own children learn most efficiently.  This is a book every parent should read.

Randy Gaschler


Randy Gaschler has five teaching credentials and the founder and Board President of Innovative Education Management, a non-profit organization which has managed 13 successful California charters.  A graduate of UCLA, he won All-American honors as a center for the Bruin football team.  As the father of five children, he is passionate about the future of American schools – and the children they are meant to serve.

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