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Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Sixty Degrees Publishing has its wings in a 16-year-old book company focused on promoting great writing and powerful ideas.  Originally founded in 2003 as Kele Books, the company re-branded in 2019. Sixty Degrees Publishing is dedicated to creating an environment that allows writers to share with readers work that soars.

Sixty degrees is the ambient air temperature required before butterflies can fly.  The company inspires, guides and promotes writers so they can show their wings in every magical way.

The company is also known for commissioning top artists to paint the book covers. The artists are challenged with telling powerful 'stories' on the outside that match the stories told on the pages inside. 


Sixty Degrees Publishing is where literature and art are joined, and readers are entertained twice.   The company’s mission is to provide an environment in today’s world where writers and artists can easily take flight.

Where Art Meets Literature

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We often employ top artists to paint the covers of our books. For example, pictured is Yuliya Lennon, one of the youngest female members of the Painters and Stainers Guild of England, who painted the covers of Gods of Our Time and Rendezvous.  Yuliya, who currently lives in Santa Barbara, California, is one of the rising stars in Europe and the US. She created these painting specifically for Sixty Degrees Publishing.
Painter of Gods.webp
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