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More Praise for Gods of Our Time

"In this compelling historical romance, Jake shares the story of how he met Sophie, with whom he shares a destiny.  The writing is powerful, emotional and straight forward as the author shares a tough but tender page-turning tale. It's a highly engaging read that captures the historical period with visual acuity." -- Simon & Schuster editors.

"His writing is beautiful and precise." -- Martha Smilgas, former editor, People Magazine.

Praise for Winning the Battle Within

"Michael's book, Winning the Battle Within, is one of the best books ever written on the mental approach to sports and life." -- Bill Walsh, NFL coach who won three Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers. 

"Winning the Battle Within should be in everybody's library." -- Pete Carroll, coach of the two-time Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks.

Praise for Fatal Deception

"Bowker tells a highly compelling, deeply moving story in his book, Fatal Deception. It definitely should be made into a movie." -- Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Reviews of Rendezvous by Geoff Spellberg


Rendezvous: Mountain Man Romance and Adventure

Geoff Spellberg

Sixty Degrees Publishing

9798562715234, $19.95, PB, 528pp


Synopsis: Set against the pristinely beautiful wilderness of the Rocky Mountains in the 1830s, "Rendezvous: Mountain Man Romance and Adventure" by novelist Geoff Spellberg is a sweeping adventure story of two unlikely lovers as their desperate fight to save each other and their way of life, changes the course of history of two empires.


Mailywa is an intelligent and headstrong Shoshone tribes woman, whose arranged marriage to a brutal fur trapper, Black Peter, goes horribly wrong. Nate, an inept young trapper who has fallen in love with her, comes to her aid and the two must survive the perilous winter wilderness together. Both must adapt quickly as they face daunting obstacles, including a stint brokering cotton in the refined but deadly world of New Orleans.


Learning of a murderous British general's plan to kill the American fur trappers and Shoshones and seize all the land west of the Rockies, Mailywa and Nate make a danger-filled trip back to the mountains. Based on true events in American history, "Rendezvous: Mountain Man Romance and Adventure" brings to life such real mountain man icons such as Jim Bridger and Kit Carson, who Mailywa and Nate must warn of the impending British invasion. Ultimately, they risk everything, including their love, as they face final showdowns with Black Peter and the British!


Critique: An inherently fascinating and entertaining read from cover to cover, "Rendezvous: Mountain Man Romance and Adventure" is a deftly crafted novel of romance and action/adventure set during the heyday of westward bound and legendary mountain men. While very highly recommended, especially for community library American Historical Fiction collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that "Rendezvous: Mountain Man Romance and Adventure" is also readily available in a digital book format (Kindle, $6.99).


Editorial Note: Geoff is a longtime backpacker, adventurer and climber, who has drawn upon his countless wilderness experiences, and a few close calls, in creating his novel about the amazing but little known chapter of American history called Rendezvous.

Reviewed By Joanie Chevalier for Readers’ Favorite

Review Rating:  5 Stars   


Rendezvous by Geoff Spellberg is a mesmerizing read, full of adventure, history, romance, danger, and fascinating storytelling. Rendezvous explores the world of the mountain men who worked in the fur-trading industry in the early 1800s. It is also a love story between Nate, a young Quaker man from Pennsylvania, and a beautiful Shoshone woman, Mailywa (Mae). The two met at Rendezvous, an annual gathering in the west of mountain men and Native Americans to meet, trade, buy supplies, drink whiskey, and perhaps to find a spouse. Nate, an educated man who read books around the fire to eager listeners, bravely leads Mae to safety after she is beaten by her husband, Black Peter. Even though Nate was not as tough as most of the mountain men, his caring and tender ways motivated Mae to stay with him. Through many trials, jealousy, the lure of luxury living and sinful ways of the big city, New Orleans, and the ever-present shadow of Black Peter chasing them to take revenge, together Nate and Mae try to endure as best as they can. This is one of those books I didn’t want to end, and when it did, I began researching this part of American history with a level of pride and wonderment as never before.

Geoff Spellberg hopes that by telling his story, readers will have “the opportunity to feel the mountain sun and taste the trail dust.” And I did just that as I got lost in his book. As I eagerly read Rendezvous, I got to know the mountain men, their quest for beaver pelts, the perils of living off the land full of dangerous rivals and animals, and I came to understand their motivation and loyalty to one another. I marveled at the descriptions of the life of Native Americans and mountain men and wondered at their courage and fortitude. I came to like the personalities introduced in the book, both historical and fiction, villains and good guys. And through the eyes of a young Shoshone woman, I was able to travel in awe and wonderment from the mountains of the West to St. Louis, New Orleans, and back again.

Reading Rendezvous gave me a better understanding of what it was like to live in the early 1800s and I marveled at this part of America’s rich history. Mountain men were built tough and they didn’t hesitate to fight for their way of life. Even though they lacked a real leader, didn’t have a strategic plan, and only took shots between taking cover, they stood their ground, and then went on to do more wondrous things. I loved this story and had intermittent tears of happiness and sadness, as well as empathy for the mountain men, their families, and the Native Americans who lived in this era. I also salute their bravery. This is a fabulous book for history buffs, romance, and adventure readers, and everyone in between.

Review From Cassandra at Goodreads:

With over 500 pages this book is sure to keep you occupied. The story is clearly written in great detail and will transform the reader to a different time of life.

Reviews of Finding Father by Peter Glick

Finding Father is engrossing tale of self-discovery that beautifully exhibits the rich culture and heritage of Vietnam and showcases the traditions of its people. Author Peter S. Glick's novel feels like an ode to the country of Vietnam as he wonderfully portrays contemporary Vietnam with one foot steeped in history influenced by the French and American wars and another coming to terms with its Communist regime. Anyone craving a well-written adventure novel should give Finding Father a go.


Finding Father is a tour de force. It is infused with an understanding of and love for the Vietnam of a bygone era. Only somebody who has experienced Vietnam for a long period, as Glick has, could write with such deep feeling and poignancy. Highly recommended!  -- Stephen Isaacs, Author of Foundations


Glick is a master storyteller. I found Finding Father captivating. It had a Ludlumesque quality about it. Most impressive. A page turner. I look forward to reading his future novels.  -- Lt. Col G. Meyers, USMC ret

Amazon Reviews


  • Very well written, and a compelling read, especially for those of us who were around 50 years ago.


  • It's rare to find a book filled with history while also being a real page-turner. Bravo!


  • The details of Vietnamese life were fascinating. I barely put the book down once I began reading it. I highly recommend it!


  • Different kind of book for me to read.  I don't usually like reading about this war.  But, my dad was in it and I was fortunate to have him come home.  I gave it a chance and loved it. I learned so much of the people, the country the traditions of Viet Nam.  A remarkable book!

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