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Joyous Every Day Living

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This upbeat, informative book contains a liberating, comprehensive how-to guide that provides a simple and ground-breaking system for living a long, happy life of perpetual health and rejuvenation.

It contains methods for going through change while staying in deep appreciation for the richness of life, expanding personal power and living in a state of joyous rejuvenation. This easy to read how-to guide provides a system of interwoven qualities of aliveness that when embodied, create a life of perpetual joy and rejuvenation.

Each of the seven chapters represents a different quality of aliveness. Multi-faceted layers of information that include scientific research, personal stories and focused exercises, generate for the reader internal movement and transformation to self-knowing and self-love. It is a simple system for deep life-long happiness.  It provides a new approach to re-creating your own life and consistently choosing health and happiness. In other words, party till checkout time!

Beth Amine

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An acclaimed artist and teacher, Beth Amine has turned her considerable talents to helping thousands of people find joy in life through art and celebration.  This book is an inspiring and easy-to-understand guide to helping readers find their own unique pathways to excitement and fulfillment. She is also a renowned dancer and speaker, so her understanding of the variety of options readers have in finding joy in art is expansive.

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