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The Now-ist

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The author takes an inspirational and intriguing journey inward, illuminating a pathway past the clutter and false dead-ends we often gather and construct inside our own minds.  It’s a quest lead by feeling, imagination and careful thought – all braided into a powerful ‘spiritual GPS’ that can lead you to the gateway of a fulfilled life.


Based on his own experiences, which included growing up in a multiple-divorce family, he shares how he stumbled over the clutter and ran into dead-ends, but never stopped his search.  Transformed by various religious studies, by practical experience, and by finding a rich and deep love of his own spouse and family, he found his way, with joy, humor and an irrepressible belief in his quest, back to his ‘true self’.


This book gently chronicles that journey, sharing insights, wrong turns, right turns and finally describing the treasures that reside in all of us, waiting to be found.  It is about discovering the enormous value of living in the present moment, and how to do that.  It is a travel guide to your own true spirit.

Billy Mandarino

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Billy is a writer, musician, and business owner. He fell in love with his wife and Santa Barbara, California at the same time and after more than 20 years, he loves both more than ever.  He teaches and speaks throughout the US and Europe, sharing the inspirational and practical messages of The Now-ist.  He also spends time with their beautiful daughter, and has been known to shoot low scores at local golf courses.

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