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The book whisks you away to the exotic, romantic and dangerous shores of Hawaii in the 1790’s. Jacob Attucks, a hard-luck former Continental Army officer, is marooned on Maui.  Because of his skills as an armorer,  he is pulled by the Maui Warlord into the long-running battle against King Kamehameha, Chief of the Big Island of Hawaii.  But Jake falls into a tumultuous love affair with Leilani, who has a special secret.  She is King Kamehameha’s niece.  

The book, written by award-winning author, Geoff Spellberg, is a fast-paced, ‘can’t put it down’, historical novel that reveals the fascinating details behind the war uniting the Hawaiian Islands.  Cannons, sailing ships, Hawaiian chieftains and a powerful love affair involving a stranded sailor and a strong-willed princess drive the book to it’s surprising conclusion.  


Captured at an early age and held captive on Maui, Leilani, who is strong-willed and determined, yearns to return to her family on the Big Island. Jake and Leilani must learn to trust each other as they persevere through deadly palace intrigues, narrow escapes, historic battles, and the birth of a new nation. 

Geoff Spellberg 

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  GEOFF SPELLBERG’s love of history and adventure are at the heart of this fast-moving, accurate tale about the Hawaiian Wars.


A trial lawyer by trade, Geoff’s passion for Hawaii’s magnificent shores and colorful past shine through in these pages. The author of the highly acclaimed novel, Rendezvous, set in the Rocky Mountains in the 1830s. 


Spellberg lives in San Francisco, California.   

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