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Fatal Deception


Something’s wrong in Libby, Montana. Residents are dying at a rate sixty times higher than the national average from a battery of insidious diseases; and they will continue to suffer for decades to come.  The cause: a so-called miracle mineral that generations of families felt thankful for, until they discovered the “miracle” was killing almost all of them.

The scope of the treachery surrounding asbestos – which is still legal in more than 3,000 products in America alone – goes far beyond Libby. Mesothelioma, which continues to be in the headlines and on national television every day, is just one of the deadly diseases caused by asbestos exposure.

This book is the most comprehensive, yet personal a highly readable books that chronicles the deadly trail – and coverup that continues to this day – that corporations and the government are cutting through the hearts and lives of tens of thousands of families.

The dangers have quickly spread around the world so that at first glance, the events in this book may seem equal parts science fiction and crime thriller.  They are not.  Unfortunately, every fact in this book is true.  It has villains and heroes, but it does not yet have a good ending.

Michael Bowker


Michael Bowker is an award-winning investigative journalist who has been published in more than 100 of the top publications in the country.  This book led to more than 30 hours of testimony before the US Senate and appearances on hundreds of national radio and television shows.

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