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The Moni Way

This is a moving first-hand account of the astonishing lives and challenges facing the Moni people, who live in one of the most fantastic places on earth.  The remote and ancient jungle highlands of western Papua New Guinea remain largely cut off from the rest of the world.  Technologically, it is among the most ‘backward’ regions in the world, with no cars, televisions, 

Cutts Cover 0916.jpg
dishwashers, or any other devices that rely on an electrical grid.  Yet, in many ways, the hearts of the Moni people are as advanced as those in any community in the world.

Author John Cutts, the son of missionaries Bill and Grace Cutts, grew up in the jungles as primitive and wild as any Moni tribesman.  In this book, which contains many wonderful photographs, he shares his great love for his Moni friends and neighbors – as well as his great concerns for their precarious future. 


Diversity is fully defined here – it is home to more than one thousand tribal groups and languages – along with pristine beaches, coastal rivers and vast swamplands, home to thousands of unique wildlife species. The rugged mountainous highland peaks reach 16,000 feet.  The Moni tribe is one of the larger tribes nestled in the mountains and valleys.


Please come meet the Moni people on the website below.  The purchase of this book becomes a 100% donation to the Village Heartbeat Foundation.  The funds are used to help address the community many health needs, and help build a future for the Moni children.  Thank you!

John Cutts

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John had the amazing experience of being raised from age two amongst the Moni tribal people in the highlands of Papua.  Learning jungle survival skills that he relied upon daily, profoundly shaped his life.  He gained tremendous respect for the love, wisdom and astonishing durability of the Moni people.  The Cutts family founded the non-profit Village Heartbeat Foundation twenty years ago to help the Moni tribe leap centuries forward to face the challenges of the modern world.  John is the Director of the Foundation.  He lives most of the year in Papua, sometimes emerging from that jungle to face a different kind of jungle on the East Coast of the United States.

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