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He makes an unlikely rise of knighthood and beyond through royal love affairs and an epic

personal battle against one of the most powerful and evil men in England’s past. The course of

English history in the 14th Century is changed as Hubert, and his delightfully odd band of allies, battle ruthless pirates, and cunning noblemen.

Nevertheless will charm you. I laughed out loud many times. This is a great story.Anthony

Tyler, Chair Emeritus Department of English, SUNY, Binghamton.

Nevertheless is a great read. Hubert Fosbottom, it’s outsized, picaresque hero, begins life as a

serf and finishes as a peer of the realm. In between, he has riotous adventures with pirates, the Queen of England, amorous medieval ladies, even a quirky wizard. The pace is quick, and the unexpected ending is a delight." James D. Zirin, esq., author of The Mother Court, Supremely Partisan, Plaintiff in Chief.


Finding Father

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This is a powerful and most-moving story of a man who sets out for Vietnam on a quest to learn about his father – and finds far more than he imagined.  Intense adventures and a surprising romance light up the pages as he unravels the mysteries surrounding his father’s legacy.


A beautiful and sensitive book, Finding Father has a number of unexpected twists, all set within the deep and rich cultures of the Vietnamese people.  Glick uses his  extensive knowledge of Vietnam and takes readers from the teeming city streets to ancient mountain villages – all on a breath-taking ride of discovery and self-discovery.

From a Montagnard culture where women are in control, to the unlikely, present-day mosaic of politics, cultures, languages and beliefs that make up what was once a deadly battleground between East and West, Glick captures the past, present and provides a glimpse of the future of Vietnam.  More than ever, though, this book penetrates the heart of a man, who, while searching for his roots, finds himself and his future.

Peter Glick

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Peter Glick is a graduate of Williams College and of Columbia University where he completed masters and doctoral studies in French. He spent ten of the American War years in Vietnam where he worked extensively with mountain tribes and later started a construction business in Saigon. He served as President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam and sat as a consultant for the Economic Committee of the Vietnam Senate. He also taught at the University of Saigon. He is now retired and devotes his time to writing novels and his daily distance ocean swims in Hawaii.

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