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Gods of Our Time Featured in Santa Barbara News-Press

This week, Michael Bowker and “Gods of Our Time” were featured Santa Barbara News-Press. In the article Bowker shares his history as a non-fiction author and inspiration behind his first novel.

“When it comes to books, Mr. Bowker is mostly known for nonfiction, which comprises the first 19 of his 20 books. His first book, 1989’s “Playing from the Heart,” recently passed a million copies sold. While his career as a nonfiction author was successful and comfortable, an ambition to make up his own stories constantly sat in the back of his mind. As he approached writing “Gods of Our Time,” Mr. Bowker’s greatest trepidation was the possibility that he wouldn’t like the fiction writing process.”
Santa Barbara News-Press

Read the full article in Santa Barbara News-Press here.

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