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Scientifically based and emotionally charged, this new book demystifies the wicked sequel to COVID-19 called “Long Haulers Syndrome.” Motivated by the suffering of his own family and friends after COVID-19, journalist Michael Bowker set out to find the truth behind this often-bewildering epidemic that is striking tens of millions of people in the U.S. and worldwide.


Bowker conducted exclusive interviews with post-COVID experts from Mount Sinai, Mayo Clinic, the NIH, Johns Hopkins, Stanford University, and medical centers worldwide. These experts unveil the mysteries of the disease and share proof that the often-debilitating symptoms are biologically based, not psychosomatic.


The book is a powerful message of affirmation and hope to those who have been told otherwise.


Bowker also shares the dramatic interviews he did with patients, including a Navy Seal and a 23-year-old woman, as the book includes a sobering look at the severe and unexpected threat to young adults and children.  Included is also a look at the research into treatments and cures, a call for greatly increased governmental action, a worldwide look at this destructive sequel, and an explanation of the more common symptoms.


The NIH officially named the disease “Post-Acute-Sequelae-Covid” or PASC.  Medical experts around the world will be intrigued by the blueprint of the innovative PASC Clinic at Mount Sinai Medical Center which is included in Beating Long Haulers Syndrome.  This blueprint can be used by medical experts seeking to create their clinics.


Characterized by more than fifty wildly diverse symptoms that are disabling patients with brain, lung, and heart disorders plus a wide range of other serious issues, Long Hauler Syndrome is causing high levels of depression and suicide. The urgent messages in this book will inspire hope for all patients.


According to many experts, more than four million Americans – and that number may be far higher – are suffering from Long Haulers. Worldwide, that number is expected to exceed 100 million patients.


Bowker calls for more immediate research, pointing out that hundreds of thousands of working Americans are disabled by these symptoms. Beating Long Haulers Syndrome provides a call to action to governments and a profoundly affirming message of hope to millions of patients.


Beating Long Haulers Syndrome was released on Amazon and through all other channels the last week of May and went to number one in several categories overnight

Beating Long Haulers

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