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Set in the pristinely beautiful wilderness of the Rocky Mountains in the 1830s, this is a sweeping adventure story of two unlikely lovers as their desperate fight to save each other and their way of life, changes the course of history of two empires.
Mailywa is an intelligent and headstrong Shoshone tribeswoman, whose arranged marriage to a brutal fur trapper, Black Peter, goes horribly wrong. Nate, an inept young trapper who has fallen in love with her, comes to her aid and the two must survive the perilous winter wilderness together. Both must adapt quickly as they face daunting obstacles, including a stint brokering cotton in the refined but deadly world of New Orleans. Learning of a murderous British general’s plan to kill the American fur trappers and Shoshones and seize all the land west of the Rockies, Mailywa and Nate make a danger-filled trip back to the mountains.
Based on true events in American history, the novel brings to life such real mountain man icons such as Jim Bridger and Kit Carson, who Mailywa and Nate must warn of the impending British invasion. Ultimately, they risk everything, including their love, as they face final showdowns with Black Peter and the British in this superbly told action tale.


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